March 7, 2013

Red why are you such a PITA...

Red polish is classic, really pretty, and not something I wear often. But when I do I am always reminded why I hate red polish so much... which would be the staining you will undoubtedly get on your skin and around your cuticles when cleaning up. And when removing, omg when I took these off my fingers were covered in red! Ugh it was awful. Anyway onto the pictures of the pretty red polish...

Sally Hansen- Heart to Heart 3 coats
Accent Nail- 
Orly- Nite Owl 3 coats
Rhinestones from ebay
all topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite to secure the stones. 

My accent nail is not supposed to be mickey but well kinda looks like it lol oh well, if I want mickey I know it'll look cute with rhinestones. 

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