August 31, 2011

Vamp It Up

So after my Galaxy nails, and everything I've done recently has been alot of stamping or glitter or something, so I wanted something simple for a couple of days. Well simple and dark because I really love dark colors and I'll wear them whenever. So I went with Avon's Speeddry+ in Vamp it up.

Ok so this polish is super pretty, but it was a PITA to apply, I could not seem to get the right amount of polish on the brush either it was too much and globbed all over my nail and skin, or not enough and I had to get more for the other half of my nail. Then when I would do this it had terrible cuticle drag.
Then when I first did my nails I put 2 coats on thinking it looked good (I was indoors), well later when I left the house and seen my nails in the sunlight I had bald spots! It wasn't too bad when I got home I just added another good coat and another coat of Seche Vite to fix it not no bald spots. Yay! So if you like the colors it's worth it, Such a pretty colors once your all done.

Sorryabout the mess around my nails this is right after applying the third coat and I didn't clean up after.
These pics were taken in the sun tried to get the colors right in most lights look almost black. Look the at bottle in the third pic shows the color well.

base coat
2 coats Avon speeddry+-Vamp it up
1 coat Seche Vite
1 more coat Vamp it Up
and one more of Seche Vite 

These next two pics were taken inside with flash shows the true colors a little better.

August 29, 2011

A Galaxy Far, Far Away....

HeHeHe I couldn't resist it...
For this weeks monday nail art challenge the theme was Galaxy nails, I had never tried it before so I thought I'd take a wack at it. I'll start with the polishes it used. I did this all mostly just sponging and just a little dotting.   I placed the bottle roughly in order I applied but honestly I did this on Friday night and just am not even sure the exact order anymore, there is just soo many.

I really like the way it turned out, only thing when I was outside in direct sunlight it sparkled like crazy and when I saw that I thought maybe I put too much glitter but as my Boyfriend said, Glitter is like Sprinkles you can't have too many/ much...

ok so from left to right we have:
Sinful colors- See you soon
Nina Ultra pro- Out of the blue
Sally Hansen HD- Laser
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear- wet Cement
Pure Ice- Oh Baby!
Wet N Wild Fastdry- Blue Wants to be a Milloinaire
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth- Pure White Tip
Wet N Wild fastdry- Silvivor
Wet N Wild Wild Shine- Blue Moon
Sinful Colors- I love you
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Angel Wings
Pure Ice- Strapless
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Shooting Star
Wet N Wild Wild Shine- Hallucinate
And  Seche Vite
Thats 16 polishes including base and top coat, yes it was a process but not hard and fun to do.
 ok now the pics first indoors with flash: Left Hand (first 3)
Right Hand same lighting (Next 3)
And Last 2 are outside just there wasn't any sunight =( 

August 27, 2011

Subtle Stamping...

So i have only been stamping for a couple of months ago, I really like it, its an easy way for nail art. For those of us not so talented at freehand art. Anyway I have been seeing alot of people doing some subtle stamping, I really like the look of it. The only problem may be if you go too subtle, but oh well still looks good right.

First two are Left Hand
And the rest are my right hand.
base coat
2 Coats of Sinful colors: Nirvana
Stamped with Sinful colors : Vacation time
On laft ring finger and right middle stamped with Sally Hansen Summer plum
Wet N Wild Hallucinate  1 coat
and topped with Seche Vite
Let me know what you think

August 25, 2011

Everybody loves Redmond...

I love flakies so much, no matter what you put it over it just looks amazing, and pretty and sparkly. Now I don't wear red polish much, in the last year I have probably worn red once, get my drift. I always love the way it looks though, but probably got my fix for awhile. Anyway this is the Wet n Wild fast dry Everybody loves Redmond, I wasn't actually going to buy this one but it came in a set that I purchased (looks like this, sorry didn't take pics when I purchased), at CVS, when I first saw it I knew I had to have it, so first chance I got I went and picked it up, am soo happy I did. Love finding sets of awsome polishes. Anyway on to the nails...

base coat
2 coats of Everybody Loves Redmond (but only needed one) 
2 coats Nubar 2010
and topped with Seche Vite
Dont't mind the red on my thumb these were taken before cleanup please excuse the mess, and I have no idea how that spot of red ended up right there no where near my nail... 
When I was looking at my nails, I thought they reminded me of Chinese New Year 
envelopes, well the color combination doesI'll put a pic below let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading until next time...

August 21, 2011

Attempt at Half Moon...

...And when I say Attempt I mean it, this so did not come out as I thought it would. I was debating weather or not to even take pics, earlier today I was dead set on not even taking pics didn't want to see it again LOL. But in the end I decided to take my pics and just put in on here, why not? Sometimes things don't work and that's ok.

Ok so this started our as being a half moon mani, but when I taped off my cuticles I put them too far on the nail, so it ended up looking like some weird in-between of a half moon and a french manicure. Which makes for this weird looking mani, For about the first hour after I finished I thought I might like it, but as the day went on I realized it's just not working out, My boyfriend even tried to say it looked good-ish, but I could tell he was only trying to make me feel better about it hehe, even he could tell how awful it turned out. Eh maybe someone will like this and want to try it, just a note it might of worked better on longer nails, note to self do not chop off nails right before trying something new...
base coat
2 coats Avon Urban grey 
1 coat Seche Vite
2 coats Confetti Moonstruck 
then 2 coats Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter
1 coat of Seche Vite, 
And after all that I started to think dont want this shiny, So I added a coat of China Glaze matte top coat.

And this is what I was left with, lol yes that does not only seem like a lot of polish for one manicure it even looks kinda thick ugh live and learn eh. Oh well no biggie now I know.
I will have to definitely try the half moon again and try to get it right.

oh yea, and the first pic is super clear shows my nails all chopped off (they were bugging me last night), but the second pic is way more true to color but a little blurry so I included both. 

August 20, 2011

Some new polishes and Beetle

So today I went to Ross, they had a ton of different polishes today usually they don't have much. I'll just have to keep looking there. What I picked up today way was a pack of Double Bubble scented polishes and a pack of Blush polish. Best part is they were only 3.99 each. I haven't used any scented polish since I was a kid and had been wanting to try some, I keep looking at the Revlon ones but haven't picked any up yet.

In the pack from left to right:WatermelonPink,  Lemonade, Sour Cherry, Apple, Original 
And another Pink Lemonade

I haven't tried them yet but I did open the bottles, they smell while wet, it is kind of strong too. Hope it's not too strong on the nails.
And what else I got was a 7 pack of mini Blush polishes I have never actually used/heard of Blush but they were pretty and cheap so I had too have them. 
The colors are not named but on the tag it says "7 pc Metallic" the pic is pretty true to color. from left to right:
darker pink, light pink,medium blue, this one at first glance looked like a dark brown but when looked in different angles is a dark purple with brown glitter, a light green, a maroon color, and a purple color.
There do not actually look metallic to me but I'll see when I try them. Ok enough of that and on to what I'm wearing today. I'm sorry but just could not capture this color. It's Hard Candy's Beetle which I love too look at but these pics don't show anything but the purple.

This Actually started with Wet n Wild black Creme I had planned on stamping with some mettalic on, the first nail I tried smeared and was messed up so I took it off re-painted it and instead used Beetle on top of the black. Beetle does not need any under wear to look good. It just happened that is what I decieded on. To See good pics of Beetle go here Loodie Loodie Loodie, she has some amazing info about nail care and some super pretty nails! 

What I used:
base coat
2 coats Wet n Wild Black creme
2 coats Beetle
and Seche Vite on top 

This is the only pic that showed a hint of one of the other colors, but what the heck is that just a weird spot of gold? After taking the pic I looked at my nails like where did that come from. Because it really does not look like that in real life.

Thanks for reading until next time...

August 18, 2011

Sinfull French

Here's what I wore the last couple of days, I really love the look of a colored french manicure, but hate getting one done and hate acrylics. But i don't have to get them done I just did it myself.
I actually really loved this only had it on for two days and one of my nails chipped ugh hate when that happens! But that ok now I get to come up with something new hehehe.

I used:
Sinful: Savage and Envy (savange on thumb with every other nail Envy and opposite on my left hand)

Stamp color: Pure ice- Silver Mercedes. 
Bundle Moster plate: 11
And Seche Vite to top it off.

Here's just a close up of my thumb 
In the corners by my cuticle it looks reddish, this was not visible in real life, and is due to the color I had on last which was a dark purple ugh hate that it looks so terrible in the pic

And here you can see the big chip on my ring finger, teach me to wait and take pics later ugh! but i decided to post anyway I loved it too much not too.

Thanks for reading untill next time...

Welcome with Orly Anicent Jade

Hello all my name is Felicia, i am 21 years old i love many things among them is my problem with nail polish. Much as my title states I am a Nail polish Junkie, I really can't help it, as far as i can remember I have always loved painting my nails and buying polishes. Acutally there was a point when I was about 10 years old that my mom told me I could not buy anymore polish, of course I did what every laquerhead would of done I stuck it. LOL yes I bought them behind her back, what choice did i have,(sorry mom hehehe) and I only had about 20 to 30 polishes not many but she thought it was too much little did she know then.

Today I don't sneak my polish and it's not my mom anymore who says I have too many; it's my awsome boyfriend who thinks I have way too many, but my stash of about 300 is nothing compared to some people. And yes I told him that. But even though he thinks I couldn't possibly need more he still takes me to go look for whatever color I just have to have on that particular day.

Anyway so on to the stuff you've come here to see my first nail post heres what I used:
Orly- Ancient Jade
Orly- Shine on Crazy Diamond
Stamped w/- An unamed Hard Candy metallic pink foil color. (sorry have had this one forever was given to me buy my sister years ago)
topped with Seche Vite, also used beauty secrets moisturizing base coat

I really loved this these colors together, at first glance the glitter appears to only be a silver glitter, acutally it shines holo. 
Didn't realize until just now that half my pinkie is covered i did not mean to cover it just happend and I the pic so I'm using it anyway.

Close up of my thumb in focus to show all pretty glitter. 
I blurred this one to try to get all the pretty sparkles. 
All pics taken in doors with flash.
Just a last note hope you like my nails/ colors/ pics whatever, eventually I will post a list of my complete collection, if there is something posted anyone would like to see just leave a comment and I'll give it a try. 
Anyway thanks for coming to check out my blog, keep checking back will update frequently. 
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