July 26, 2012

Another Accent nail mani...

But not in the usual way. I really love the ring finger accent nail, but for this mani I did it a little different. I saw someone do this a few weeks ago and thought why not. My accent nails are the pointer and middle finger. Nothing fancy but I like the way it came out. Onto the pictures...

Base coat- Palladio- Nail Strengthener
Sinful Colors- Ciao Bella (Blue)
Kissy (Teal) both 3 coats
All topped with Seche Vite 

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post these right away. Seeing as what happened with the Pamphlet from Sinful Colors and all, but seeing that Revlon (who owns sinful colors), has apologized for this, and have said they are putting measures in to prevent this from happening again. Also they are supposed to be contacting the bloggers to rectify the situation, I haven't heard from the bloggers yet but that will take time i'm sure. 

So for now the apology is a good start, honestly I did this mani before I knew what had been done. Don't know I would of used their products if I had known. But oh well I already did, they seem to be trying to make things right. 

July 24, 2012

Almost Paradise & After Party

These photos have been sitting on my computer for awhile now I wasn't sure if I wanted to post them or not. Reason being is they aren't really color accurate. Almost Paradise in my photos looks sunny yellow in some and only slightly green in others. Despite that I'm just going to post them if you want to see swatches of Almost Paradise that are color accurate check here or here.

Base Coat
Deborah Lippman- Almost Paradise (2 coats I believe)
Accent Nail- Orly- After Party 2 coats 
Polka dots made with a dotting tool. 
All topped with Seche Vite 

As you can see my dots dragged a bit. I didn't wait long enough to topcoat. It wasn't actually that noticeable IRL, but very obvious in pictures. Eh oh well I actually didn't mind it. 

No idea where that little fuzz came from. 

July 20, 2012

Black Satin + Flackies

 I've been gone a little while. The day after my last post my Grandmother or "Grams" as we all called her passed away. I still cannot believe she is gone. I really don't know what else to say, she was there for us when we needed her, and I will always miss her. I love you Grams

We don't live close, it's a 16 hour drive to Ca where she lived. So we got our stuff together and headed out to see family and remember her. Since coming home I just didn't want to think about any of it. And honestly didn't know what to say. So here I am writing a short post that is taking me what seems like forever. Because nothing I type seems right, so I'm just going to leave you with this, and some pictures that I took over a week ago.

Base Coat
Rimmel- Black Satin (I love this black) 2 coats
Finger Paints- Twisted 1 coat
Topped with Seche Vite 

July 9, 2012

Non- Zebra

I had wanted to do animal print nails, and had actually want them to be like the actual animal well the idea was good, but didn't last long, I soon wanted something bright and different haha. 

Base Coat
Sally Hansen- Fairy Teal 1 coat
China Glaze- Watermelon Rind 1 coat
Milani- Blue Lightening Sponged on 
Finger Paints-  Motley 1 coat
Stamped Using- BM-223
In Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes

I see now that I should done more a peacock theme stamp since my colors were already there. But of course I didn't really see that until after I had stamped eh oh well still looks nice this way. 

I was super excited to see that Fairy Teal is the perfect base color for Watermelon Rind, I love the color but hate that it's sheer and needs multiple coats for full opacity, I'm really terrible hate doing more than 2 coats 3 is usually my limit. Sheer polishes are just awful I usually don't have patience for them. So am always looking for good layering colors. 

Also not nail related in any way, went to Zoo Music  on Friday, which is super fun anyway walking around the zoo in the evening is really fun. They always have peacocks walking around and that night the male seemed to be chowing off. All open and just beautiful, I had to take some pictures... 

Definitely click to zoom to see all detail.


July 4, 2012

Fourth of July

I have seen so many awesome 4th manis this morning, I had originally wanted to do something more elaborate but ran out of time so I just went with simple but eye catching. A few weeks ago my BF bought me Icing's Patriotic Princess, and I just knew I had to use it. So without further ado here it is...

Base Coat- Orly Nail armor
Finger Paints- Curator's Crimson 2 coats
NYC- Little Italy 3 coats
Color Club- Trippie Hippie 2 coats
Icing- Patriotic Princess
All topped with Seche Vite and Gelous

Patriotic Princess is a pain to work with I had to sort of glob it on and fish out the stars them glob them on. The base in this polish is super thick and was starting to get all goopy as I was applying it. On another note after applying 2 coats of top coat it seemed everything was fine well after wearing this for a day the stars were starting to poke through. So my options were pretty slim considering I wanted to leave this on for today and all. So I went to town with some Gelous and Topcoat. First I applied a thick coat of Gelous, some nails needed 2 coats, then a thick coat of Seche Vite. So hopefully I don't have any more stars poking up. 
That's all for now... Have a happy and safe fourth! 

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