June 28, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: #4 Green

Just a quick post for today, for my green favorite I chose an untried. I got this color for Easter from my BF, it is the perfect Crayola green. I had always wanted a green that shade. So of course I had to pick it for today.
Ok enough talk on to the pictures...

Base Coat
NYC- High Line Green 2 coats
Opi- Suzi Takes the Wheel
Spoiled- Shrimp on the Barbie

Flowers made using a small dotting tool. 

I had planned on leaving my yellow on for a day or two but when I filed my nails, the yellow lifted up so it was either pick at it all day at work yesterday or change it right away. So of course I changed. 

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June 27, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: #3 Yellow

Short and sweet post for ya today. The next in the Rainbow Favorites challenge is Yellow. I do have quite a few yellow polishes, I usually don't wear yellow by itself just not my cup of tea. And yellows are usually hard to work with, so yea I'm not a huge fan. Onto what I picked for today, BEWARE it's a bright one, I even went out in the sun for my pics... 

HaHa so yea my cleanup was a bit terrible on here, Sorry for that just Pretend it's not there please.
Base Coat
Ulta- Set The Nude 2 coats
Color Club- Volt of Light 
Topped With Color Club Vivid Top Coat 

Ah it was a little painful not to use Seche Vite, But Figured I would try the Vivid top coat. It didn't dry quite as fast as SV but pretty fast, was dry to the touch within 10 minutes, Could of been sooner but I didn't want to mess it up. 

Now I've read horror stories about this polish needing up to 6 coats.
And I've read other who said it applied beautifully and only needing 2-3 coats.  
So I figured it would be best to layer this to help. So I went with the same base I used here, It worked like a charm only needed to 2 coats and looks fine. I have noticed it is a little darker than in the bottle, I  think it's because of the base color but no big deal. 

I think I need to add something to tone this down a bit, I'm thinking grey but what? 

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just ignore that little hair or whatever it is on my middle finger, No idea where it came from

June 26, 2012

Rainbow Favorites Challenge #2- Orange

For today I went with an Untried Orange. So not a favorite at all really but oh well works anyway...

Base Coat
Opi- Y'all Coma Back Ya Hear? 2 coats
China Glaze- Luxe and Lush 1 coat
Ring fingers- Icing- Tell Me I'm Awesome 
Then one more thick coat of Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? 
all topped with Seche Vite. 

I was a little worried that this wouldn't dry it was so thick, the top was dry pretty quick due to the Seche Vite but under neath was still squishy. By the next morning it was good to go though. And no sheet marks or anything yay. 

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June 25, 2012

Rainbow Favorites Challenge- #1 Red

In PaA in focebook, there are a bunch of us doing this Rainbow Favorites Challenge, Bec from Lacquer Dreams thought this up and put it all together. Everyday we post a new color, supposed to be our favorite of each. But well I don't think I actually have a favorite of any so I'll just stick with whats my current favorite.
In order will be starting with todays Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and ending with Pink. I might not post each day maybe every other day. But we'll see. Ok on to my pick for red...

Base Coat
China glaze- Velvet Bow 3 thin coats 
Ring fingers- China Glaze- Electrify over Velvet bow 
All topped with Seche Vite 

I had wanted Velvet bow as soon as I saw swatches of it around Oct last year. This color was part of the 2011 holiday collection. In Nov I ordered a bunch of China Glaze and Orly holiday polishes but somehow did not get this one. But luckily enough I picked it up in January when they marked them all down. 

I almost didn't post these, this was pretty much a fail but it was my own fault. I did this pretty quick then just an hour or maybe two later went swimming for a good couple of hours. Then jumped in the shower right after that. Well all that water made my nails all soft and weak. Before the end of the day I had three nails chip luckily no breaks just the polish chipped. I got a few pictures and sorry these aren't entirely color accurate, appears a bit darker then it really is. 

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June 23, 2012

ASBMF- Spring Design of Your Choice

Here is the Last post in the April Showers Bring May Flowers challenge, I may have been a little longer but I finished it yay. 

For my design I went with some neon gradients in all colors of the Color Club Electro Candy collection. With a little something on top... Onto the pictures 

Base Coat
Base Color- Ulta - Set The Nude
Gradient Color- 
Color Club- 
Electro Candy
Tangerine Scream
Volt of Light
What a Shock!
Pure Energy
Ultra Violet

Icing- Shredded
Savvy- Touch of Glitter

I started with a nude base color then just sponged on top of that. Using little pieces of make up sponge. 
after that I added a coat of Savvy- Touch of Glitter, A holo glitter 
And on top of that was Icing- Shredded. This polish is really awesome I love the look of the black shards all over. It was pretty easy to apply, the problems came when I was trying to get it to be smooth. I added 2 coats of top coat right away. Then the next day added more top coat, I had piece poking up at the corners of the shards. No matter how much top coat I added it would not cover it smoothly. So I eventually gave up and just left it bumpy, Even in the pictures you can see where it lays into the topcoat not under it. 

I do really like Shredded and will use it again, (I really want to make mint chip nails), Just not sure what to do to cover it completely. 

Pictures are pretty color accurate, the only color that looks a big different is Tangerine Scream, it looks more Coral than orange, but I think that has to do with the nude base not the camera. Since it looked that way in the sun and in every other lighting. 

June 21, 2012


So this will be a quick post, Mostly your just here to see some pictures to see how I improved my mani from here, ok without further ado here is it...

Yea I take lots of pictures so sue me, or ya know stop reading when You've seen enough... There was more I always weed through them but sometimes I just cant weed anymore so I just post all and other times I end up with two pictures and that't it. This day was not the bad picture day so you get them all... 

Base Coat
OPI- Get in the Expresson Lane & Just Spotted the Lizard (3 coats)
More Seche Vite

First I added another coat of each color to all nails, Then using a medium sized dotting tool I Added the flowers in the other color. Flowers were made by placing one Dot then five dots around that one. Then last dot in the middle of the base color of each nail.
It was quick and simple but I really liked wearing this. I think the simplicity really made it prettier, So what do you think? Did this make it better take away that "boring- ness" it had before. 

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