September 29, 2011

Out of This World with a Little Chic

Here is a combination that doesn't look awful but also doesn't quite meet the bar either. For being a quick mani that I just wanted to put on when I didn't have alot of time it works.
Used: base coat
3 coats of Sinful colors- Out of this world 
 accent nail 3 coats of Ulta- Chic Peek
topped with wet n wild clear coat,
and a coat of Seche Vite.
 First off I did not expect OFTW (Out of this World) to be so sheer. It's not your typical silver polish. And not really a color I would normally wear. But I though it was pretty, and I do really like it but I'm thinking it would make a better layering polish.

For most of my nails this went on pretty smooth and dried fast. But as you can see my middle finger on my right hand it bubbled, or something, I did notice that with the first coat but I was thinking it would just level out and look fine when I was done.

Of couse you can see that did not happen, but likeI said this was a quick mani so I didn't have time to change it right away.

In this picture it looks like there are bald spots on my accent nail, there wasn't the any bald spots that was because of my camera's flash. For some reason it causes some colors to look weird like that.  IRL Chic Peek covered really well. 
 As you can see there is a little gash on this accent nail =/ I hit it right after applying my top coat. But I had to show you this hand since there was no weird bubble mess. See much better.
Ah-hem please excuse the bald-look to the accent nail as well, damn flash caused it again.

All in all I did like these two colors, But maybe next time not together. I dunno why but they just don't really belong together. What do you think? And what colors would of been better? With either one?

September 25, 2011

It's been a month...

...Well a little belated I was planning on a post about this on the 18th which was a month from my first post. But I actually forgot about it entirely until Tuesday, and of course that night I was attacked by the flu. I went from being slightly tired on tuesday afternoon to not being able to sleep, sore throat and just feeling yucky on tuesday night. So for then next two days I spent most of my day in bed either sleeping or trying to sleep... I had the same polish on for about five days (finally changed on the fifth day) it was kind of driving me crazy but I did not even want to look at Nail polish let alone change it. Ok on to what I was saying about this being one month and all... 

I wanted to take a moment to thank every one of my readers. When I made the decision to start my own blog I had no idea if anyone would even read my little corner of the blogasphere,  it makes me so happy to know that there are people who actually read what I have to say.  I noticed every day when I gained a follower and it always made me smile. I know some people might not think 24 followers is anything but  was happy the day I logged on and saw 15 or the first 5.  Just thank you too every single one of you, and a special thank you to my boyfriend, who reads all my posts even though he hears about polish way more than he would like, haha and knows way more then he ever thought he would about new colors and good polish and whatever else I ramble on about sometimes (ah- hem yes all the time I know), he is awesome-ness and I don't know where I would be without him. 

Now on to the pretty stuff... This is the manicure I wore for five days, and these pics were taken on the fifth day right before I took it off, Yes very bad I know but I did this on Sunday, just didn't have a chance to takes pics before getting sick then of course I did not want to take pics or do anything really for a few days. Anyway this mani help up seriously well, there is only minimal tip wear, and only one chip on one nail, Which of course I did not photograph.  

Base coat
2  coats China Glaze- Secret Peri-Wink-Le 
2 Coats Sally Hansen HD- Laser 
1 coat reg. top coat (as in not fast dry) wet n wild clear coat if interested 
and 1 coat of Seche Vite to seal in

Also if interested I put a reg top or clear coat under my Seche Vite to counter act the shrinkage I read this tip on this post from Loodie Loodie Loodie, great blog BTW, this actually seems to be working to counter-act the shrinkage. Yay because I love Seche but hate the awful shrinkage. 

Now Laser is soo pretty, just look at that blue- purple pretty sparkle on there. 

Aww look at my middle finger on my left hand, I hit it after finishing and it left a dent =/ , but at the time didn't have time to change at the time and I've already explained everything else. 
This was part of the reason it bugged me to leave this on so long. 

September 17, 2011

Newspaper Nails...

This was my first try at newspaper nails, When I first saw this design I wasn't even sure if liked the look of it. So after seeing some more pics I decided to try it. But most I saw were on a grey background (I know to look more like the newspaper) but who says a newspaper is always grey. I know for a fact they aren't all grey so I went with pink, a very light pink.... Yes there are even pink newspapers.

So I went and found a torturial, I settled on CutePolish's for comic strip nails seen here. I roughly followed this. Instead of just dipping the paper into the rubbing alcohol, I let it sit in there for a few seconds then took it out and placed on the nail. Then held it there until the paper was dry and pulled it up. And Voila La there you have it.

Well sort of only some of the image transferred really well. Thats ok I'm still happy with them, being my first try and all... So here is the comic I used:

Baby Blues is one of my favorites, I don't remember the name of the little girl, But I only used her on my nails. Used the 4 in the comic and then used regular print for the rest of my nails. And on to the pictures...

base coat
2 coats Sinful colors Easy Going
regular top coat (non fast-dry)
and then Seche Vite m
 My left hand ring finger is my favorite nail. Followed by the middle finger on same hand.

And here is my Right hand, See some images didn't transfer so well. The texts ones did transfer fairly well, But the comics didn't.. Sadly they can barely be seen.

When I first thought to do this I had wanted to make it Matte, But when I went to do my nails I forgot I wanted to, So today I added China Glaze Matte top coat and I actually like it a lot better. Well are newspapers shiny? So why should newspaper nails be? And here it is

September 13, 2011

Unintentional Subtleness...

So I hadn't intended for this design to be subtle but it works well and I like it alot. Well I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves...

 Ugh please excuse the mess around my nails, I swear there was no mess on my nails, until I looked at the pictures I hate when this happens but oh well. I decided to just post them anyway they still look pretty and it doesn't take away from that by being just a little messy. 
base coat
2 coats Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Grey Area (I love this color it is perfect with 2 coats and just a different color, I came across this awhile back when I was looking for a grey polish) 
stamped with Pure Ice Risk Taker, one of those awesome foil polishes. Using the zebra design from the New set of Bundle monster stamps. Sorry I am too lazy to go digging through my stuff to find it at the moment. 
And topped with Seche Vite 

September 11, 2011

Red Black Carpet

So I am totally ready for it to be fall already, this past week we've had some colder days, but it usually gets hot in the afternoon or just stays in the 60's. Which is fine, But then the next day its blazing hot again, Ugh this New Mexico weather is so weird. I know its just me I am just dying for it to be Fall and/or Hoodie weather (another one of my obsessions I can't get enough of them) or more specifically Nov, or at least Halloween since my birthday is right around the corner from that. Yay I can't wait... Anyway enough of my complaining, on to the nails...

 I actually have another French Manicure for you I really like the look of them, and felt like another. But I did change it up a bit.
So for this I taped off about half my nail diagonally painted them with Sinful Colors Black on black, and sponged on Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet. So here it is...

 So as you can see when I pulled up the tape it lefts some trails of  black, but in person this was not nearly as obvious as in my pics. 
Despite that I still really like these.
Also please excuse the slight tip wear have been wearing these since Fri morning, and just got around to taking pics today. But they have held up really well, no chips or anything yet. I am probably going to take this off tomorrow but only because thats how I am and have to change every couple of days. 
 So both these colors were new to me, I picked up Sinfuls back on black awhile ago but never got around to really wearing it, I think I have found my new black complete opaque in two coats, not like most others that take three coats at least sometimes four. 
And Red Carpet is one I saw on a blog a few weeks ago, But only just bought recently, And I love it, I just sponged on a bit on the tips of my nails to add some pretty sparkle. 

base coat
2 coats Sinful Colors black on black
Sally Hansen xtreme wear in Red Carpet sponged on
Seche Vite topcoat.

These pics were all indoors with flash, and heres one without flash to show what this looks like most of the time indoors.

September 9, 2011

Lady Bugs?...

So heres a french with some poka-dots, I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

the color did not photograph well at all, it looks more like a pink/ reddish color. But I did notice that in certain light it did look like this too. Its really kind of a coral color. Deffinately more orange than my pics sorry.
So becasue of the red look and the polka dots, both my boyfriend and mom asked if I did Lady bugs, hence the title. I did sorta but was not intentional.
Base coat then taped off,
2 coats Wet N Wild- Heatwave
Kiss nail art stripper in black
Wet N Wild Wild Shine: Black Creme for the polka dots
Nabi stripper in Silver Glitter

September 7, 2011

Flying Dragon (NEON)- ish

This color is so pretty, and the glitter just makes it something I needed. Well maybe not needed, but last time I went to Sally's I had a 15% off and china glaze was on sale so when I was looking through for one I wanted I saw it and said I wanted it.

So this color is a bit weird, in the title I said neon-ish, well because if it didn't say neon on the bottle I really wouldn't this it was. Except for the fact it dries like a neon does, that weird semi matte look.  Now I know that neons usually have really fast dry time, well this one was a huge pain, it started to dry while I was appyling it, and then kind of glopped there but once I put three layers on and a reg top coat and one good coat of seche vite it was good to go.

This is indirect sunlight, true to color.

Used: base coat
3 coats China Glaze Flying dragon
1 coat Revlon multi base/top coat
and 1 coat seche vite on top. 
The orther pics are indoors first two with flash and the last one without to show what this looks like most of the time inside.

All in all i really like this color and despite it being weird, and hard to apply will wear it again

September 5, 2011

Double Leopard

For these nails I actually stole this idea and then tweaked it a bit. When I saw it done was with a white base and no french tip. So sorry I do not remember where I saw this, if anyone knows let me know I'd love to link to her post. Sp here's my take on this double leopard design.
base coat
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear- The Real Teal 2 coats
Sinful Colors- Nail Junkie 2 coats
Stamped with MASH SETLeopard Design (sorry dont know the plate # off the top of my head) in Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes 
Then on top of that in Wet N Wild Black Creme 
and Black Creme for the tips

I only actually wore this for like a day and a half, I hit my hand on the car when getting out and chipped a couple nails so I changed it right away. But it was really pretty I kept looking at them.

Thanks for looking hope you like let me know what you think. 

September 3, 2011

Time to shine...

Recently I went in search for some decorative edge'd scissors to do some tape manis with. Found a four pack like this at my local walmart for only $5, the price kind of threw my boyfriend and I, since one pair of these scissors were like $7. Not sure if they were priced wrong or on sale or something. Didn't really matter to me I was just excited to find them and at such a reasonable price.  And then my oh so great boyfriend bought them for me, of course telling me I was spoiled the whole time... Oh well it's ok to be a little spoiled right.

Anyway back to the my mani, so this was actually my first attempt at a tape mani (literally using scotch tape, I've used stickers and such), I used the scissors with the Squiggle design (Yes that is a technical term hehe), at first I could not get the scissors to cut the tape cleanly. Well I should of known right away, but sometimes I forget how hard it is being left handed. Ok not really just using knives and scissors are a PITA sometimes. So after realizing this I grabbed the scissors with my right hand and cut the tape and what do you know it worked on the first try. Of course right.

My nails were already painted with Avon's Vamp it Up so I just taped my nails off and painted with Sally Hansen's Time to Shine. Let me tell you I am not a big fan of Gold anything like shoes, polishes, or especially jewelry ugh, but this color is soo pretty I think it's one of my new favs. Ok now on to the nails, the important stuff right. First three are of my left hand, last two are my right hand. Enjoy.

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