February 21, 2013

CopyCat Candy mani

When I saw this mani done by Luv My Lacquer I knew I had to replicate it. Since I had just picked up those exact polishes and had that same plate she used, well why not then. So I went at it, starting with a white base and sponging on my colors, by painting them stripes on the sponge and just dabbing them on, I had to go over them a few times but it was worth it. 

Base color- 
Jordana- white
From cuticle to tip, 
Sinful Colors-
Cotton Candy 
Sweet Tooth 
Sugar Rush
Stamping in Jordan white 
all topped with Seche Vite 

Please just ignore the dry cuticles, it is a never ending battle here. One day its all nice out trying to be spring, then the next it windy and overcast but always dry. That just the desert for ya I suppose. 

February 19, 2013

Pinterest Inspired

The other day before work I really wanted to change my mani, but didn't have much time or inspiration. While perusing Pinterest I saw this mani, and I thought thats pretty and I could do it pretty quickly. I used a blue instead of a green, otherwise tried to stick to her original mani.

Jordana- black 2 coats
Color club- Hydrangea Kiss
Hearts and polka dots made with a dotting tool 
All topped with Seche Vite 

I had 30 minutes before I needed to get ready for work so I grabbed my stuff and got to it. I really like how it turned out. There is a bit of tip wear sorry these were taken after working all day. 

February 18, 2013

Random NOTD

When I say random what I really mean is I don't actually remember what I used that day lol. So less talk and more pictures.

Well I don't actually remember the base color. 
but the stamping color is definitely China Glaze swanky Silk using Gals plate 
All topped with seche vite

I think I will do more of these random NOTD- Nail of the Day, but well I will try better to keep the polishes used in mind. From what I remember this was from late December or early January and this was a mani I did quickly without much time. 

February 8, 2013

Leopard Hearts

Quick post for today, I'm supposed to be getting ready for work eh oh well. So I have wanted to try the heart leopard since like last march. But when I tried drawing hearts last Valentines Day I didn't like the way they turned out so I never tried this. But yesterday I sat down to do this. My hearts have improved yay, but the thing about the heart leopard design you don't have to start with perfect hearts because you cover part of them up. As with all freehand designs my right hand is neater, but my left hand didn't turn out too bad for my non dominant hand. Ok enough talk onto the nails. 

China Glaze- Fast Track 2 coats
Orly- Miss Conduct 
Wet N Wild- Black Creme 
All topped with Seche Vite 

Hearts and spots made with dotting tools. 

February 6, 2013

more Vday nails

Haha so this will be my 120th post and I currently have 120 followers, I say haha because well one really has nothing to do with the other but I noticed it and makes me happy. I'm weird what can I say...

Onto the nails

Accent Nail- 
Opi- My Boyfriend Scales Walls 
Color Club- Meta- Morphosis 
Sinful Colors- I Love You  
All Topped with Seche Vite 

Stamping colors are 
Wet N Wild- BlackCreme (ugh I hate they changed the formula it used to be perfect and now, well not so much I may need to try Konad soon)
Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes 
Sally Hansen- Tourmaline Chrome 

February 4, 2013

First Vday mani

I've been totally neglecting my blog these past couple months, I really do need to keep up I'm still keeping up  with my nails and taking pictures most of the time. Just when it comes down to it to actually edit my pics and post them I have been majorly slacking. Anyway enough about that, here is my first Valentine's mani of the year.

Zoya- Storm (black)
Zoya- Renee (pinkish red) Also on a side note I only bought for the name since thats my middle name but really love the color. 
Urban Outfitters- Pink Holo 
All topped with Seche Vite 

Stamping colors are the same as the base colors with the exception of the lips I used Sally Hansen Chrome nail Makeup in Tourmaline Chrome, omg I love these ones I have like 4 of these Chrome nail makeups, I've had them for like 8 or 10 years, something crazy like that and they are just so awesome at stamping I'm going to seriously cry when they are empty. Oh well for now I have them and will continue to love them. 

This is just a design I came up with after failed half moon using Chine Glaze Grape Juice, so pretty but not the best formula. 

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