December 19, 2011

Holly Day, Snow Globe and a little more...

So yea I know I've been completely neglecting my blog and I am so sorry, It just kind of happened what can I say. I am really going to try to be better and post more often, I have a ton of different mani's to show you all.

It is now safe to say I have given up on the nail challange, I just had a few manis that I did not like, and the next in the list is "a polish you think is boring", I sat down to do this and just could not bring myself to put the color on, it was not what I wanted to wear at all. I'm sure I'm not the only one but I have to be in the mood for certain colors. Or just have to want to wear the polish I'm putting on. So after that I said I would take a little break and well now I have just been wearing what I feel like. And I'm happy doing that so oh well, Maybe I will try pick up at some time or try a different challange I dunno we'll see.

Ok on to the nails:
Base coat
China Glaze- Holly Day 2 coats
Accent nail- Base color Orly- Lucky Duck with CG Cracked Concrete on top
then a coat of China Glaze Snow globe over everything
And topped with Seche Vite

 Hehe like the gum I'm holding... 

 Forgive the Tiny chip on my pointer finger and the dryness ugh this cold weather is killing my hands 

 Hope you enjoy... 
And I promise it wont take almost a month for my next post. 

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