November 29, 2011

Polish #8- A polish that was Gifted to you.

This is in my book a nail Fail... I love the color, but the polish needed 4 coats to be fully opaque, that is just too many coats for me. Also the color just did not seem to agree with my skin tone. It is very pretty just not my cup of tea. But to be true to the Challenge this what I had tried and i stuck to it. Even after I figured out it needed so many coats and it didn't look right with my coloring. I ended up taking a ton of pictures so I'll just show you those and let you be the judge.

Used: Base coat
4 Coats Sally Hansen First Kiss
2 coats Sally Hansen Rock Candy
topped with Seche Vite.

 My boyfriend bought this for me when we were at Target one day. Like I said I really love the color just did not seem to go well with my skin tone.

Please excuse the mess on some nails, these are all without cleanup .

To first Kiss's credit it did dry super shiny all by itself which is good. 
I also really liked Rock Candy I hadn't tried it before and really want to try over different colors. 

I only wore this for a day or two, Look what happened on the second day... 
I had on 8 layers of polish all together that was just too much. 


  1. i love the color and the layering! too bad it didnt last too long

  2. This is a pretty color.But it sucks you needed to many coats and it chip right alway!

  3. @ Polish AMOR- Yea I thought it was pretty just not so much on me

    @ Pinkbeauty- It was too bad because I was going to wear this for at least a few days, I guess some things just aren't meant to be.

  4. This looks yummie :) Too bad it didn't lasted long :)

  5. I think it looks great on your skin tone! Try using it with a jelly sandwich next time since it seems a bit sheer.


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