January 24, 2012

A Gold Duck w/ a Tiara on Top...

So yesterday I sat down to do my nails and I had no idea what I wanted to do, over 500 polishes, and still I just had no idea what I wanted to put on my nails. I even looked at my Pinterest Nails board to see if there was some design that I wanted to try. Well after awhile looking at Pinterest I gave up on that idea. Ugh I hate this feeling, and then I think about how many polishes I have and cannot believe that I really can't decide.

And finally I decided what to do, I was going to do, and then became a huge fail because of the colors I chose. I was going to do a gradient using green, pink then purple. Well After painting all my nails green and trying to start the gradient with the pink, it just wasnt working the pink was not opaque enough to  go over the green.

So I ditched that idea and went for just stamping on top of the green and adding sparkles, because well I do love anything that sparkles. And here is the final result...
Base coat
Orly- Lucky Duck
Stamped with Nina Ultra Pro- Molten Gold
then topped with Confetti- Tiara
and Seche Vite

IRL this is really subtle but I actually really like it now. Although my pictures do make this polish look darker than it actually is.

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