January 25, 2012

Rainbow Skittles

Last night I wanted to change my mani I just didn't want to take forever coming up with something or something to time consuming, Also I just picked up OPI blue and white shatter and knew I wanted to use one of those. So I went with the white shatter, then to figure out what color to put under the shatter.

So I went with rainbow skittles. And here it is:

base coat 
2 coats of each color
topped with white shatter
and everything topped with seche vite

Pink: Color Club- Poptastic
Orange: Color Club- Wham! Pow!
Yellow: Color Club- Almost Famous
Green: Color Club- Ywiggie
Blue: Color Club- Chelsea Girl

1 comment:

  1. This is really neat!! I haven't seen it before.. adding it to my list of nail polish to buy!

    By the way, I'm giving away a bunch of my favorite beauty products to include Zoya nail polish, Dior products, the Naked Palette 2, etc.. go to to enter!


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