March 4, 2012

China Glaze Near Dark

Today I'm gonna show a mani I did real quick the other night. It was late and I just had to change my polish. Originally I wanted to paint all my nails black and add some sparkle to a couple of nails but I could not find my black so when I saw Near dark sitting there I figured why not it's pretty and I hadn't used it yet. So here it is... 

Base of Orly Nail Armor
3 thin coats China Glaze Near Dark
2 coats China Glaze Some Like it Haute on ring finger and thumb
topped with Gelous on those 2 nails then Seche Vite over everything.

So Near dark is kinda of weird. It was really thin and runny. After I figured that out though I applied thin coats and it seemed to work ok. Ended up using 3 thin coats and still had VNL which kind of annoyed me but not too much. It was ok for a couple of days. 

Also don't mind the tip wear and the chip, these were taken on the second day of wear. 

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