March 21, 2012

My first mood polishes

I have been MIA I'm sorry for that, I knew it had been awhile since posting but had no idea it had been quite this long. There are reasons to my disappearance though, first off I went to Las Vegas on march 9th we left, I had meant to post the day before leaving but just did not have the time. Then I though I would just post when we got there, but they didn't have free wifi, I refused to pay to use it for just an hour or so. I could of posted from my phone but honestly I didn't want to, it would of been more of a hassle than anything. So the plan from there was just to post when I got home on march 14th, but of course my body had other plans for me.

So the day after getting home, my allergies decided to come at me full force, then invited in some sort of cold to further make me miserable. So I've been fighting that for about a week now. Between trying to sleep and going to work when I absolutely had too, today was one of the first times I've even been on my computer let alone thinking about writing a blog post, cropping & watermarking pictures and all. I'm also one of those annoying whiny sick people, that complains about everything and just not a happy camper. So needless to say there was no way I was doing anything really.

Anyway on to my Vacay, Las Vegas means a few things to me, being who I am and my love of polish, I had heard that Island Girl polish can be found there, So naturally I had a plan to find some. What kind of Nail polish Junkie would I be if I didn't right...? So on to two of my newest polishes, along with the regular Island Girl colors they have a bunch of "mood" polishes, I bought 5 of those I believe, a set of three and then two by themselves.  

Another thing Vegas meant to me was the NASCAR race, yay that was alot of fun, the mani I have to show you today is what I actually wore to the race. I packed a bunch of polishes, q-tips, make-up sponge, polish remover, and pretty much anything I might need to change my polish, then of course having bought a bunch of new polishes I used something new on Saturday night for the race. Since the mani I had on before that was done very late at night after a few attemps on thursday night before leaving, and was just something I hated. I did take pictures I may or may not even post them, We'll see.

Onto the pictures hope you like em...

 The Island girl Mood polishes did not have names on them, So I have here teal/ bright tealish green color and a Light/ dark pink. 

I only used the two polishes for this mani. The pink doesn't seem to change as drastically as the teal did, I could actually barely tell a change. But the teal went from a darker calmer color to a very bright almost neon teal color. It was pretty cool. 
On a side note the application of these was ok- ish, the polish is kinda weird I believe I applied 3 thin coats. Also the brushes on both of these were awful bent funny and weird to use. They did dry pretty fast though, not too fast to affect application though. 

base of Sally Hansen- Hard As Nails
Island Girl Mood polish in Teal or Pink
Topped with Seche Vite. 

 The Teal wore pretty good these were taken after a full day of wear. As you can see the pink was chipping a bit, however my nails had been peeling a bit on those two nails, so they were thin and a little too flexible. So that would probably be why it chipped so fast.


  1. I'm really loving those colors!

  2. I love Island Girl polishes, I stumbled across them at the ABC stores in Hawaii. I never did try the Mood polishes, but I am really loving the teal one. Subtle effect but still very pretty!


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