March 1, 2012

Drip Drop

So the lovely Sarah over at Chalkboard Nails is having a Nail art Contest, can be anything just needs to be done with dotting tools, so at first I wasn't sure what I wanted to after thinking of a few idea I chose to try the drippy mani. Which I hadn't tried yet, so for a first try I am happy with how it came out. Ok on to the pictures...

Just the day before I did these, I found the new Cast Aways collex and of course had to have them all, and as I was looking at them and trying to decide which ones I "needed" since buying all right then just wasn't an option, my bf takes five of them to buy for me yay. He is such an enabler but that ok...Also found Green Ocean and the Nabi magnetics, yay got two of those can't wait to try.  
base coat of Orly Nail Armor
2 coats of Sinful Colors- Pandora on all nails
the dripping is all Sinful colors:
Grecian Sun
All topped with Seche Vite 
I used 6 out of the 8 Cast Aways all together, they all applied very well but then most all Sinful Colors I've used are really good. Which is most of their core line lol what can I say, the first I bought were Daddy's Girl and San Francisco, I had to have more after those two. 

 Sorry about the weird lighting I took these right before the sun was going down outside. I usually take my pics in front of a window with light coming through, but at that time it was already getting dark inside, another 10 minutes and I wouldn't of made it.


Let me know what you think, Love all feedback... Please do not leave any links in the comments if there is something you think I'd like to see send me an email.

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