January 14, 2013

A very belated Holiday post...

I have fallen way behind on posting... ugh life just gets in the way sometimes huh. Oh well things happen I'm back now and should be back to somewhat regular posting. For today I have my holiday manis to show you I only did like 4 holiday manis and well just never took a picture of one of em or my new years nails either. But here are some I'm just going to show them in order of when I wore them. Any questions about colors just comment and I'll be glad to post em. Like I said I did another mani that I did not even take pistures it was supposed to be my xmas day mani but it chipped right away, my fault I hit my hands on something. So ofcourse I had to come up with something else, and I just loved my simple red and green glitter gradient it was unplanned but turned out to be my favorite this year, er laast year eh my favorite xmas mani anyway. Ok enough talk for now. Enjoy let me know what you think.

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