February 4, 2013

First Vday mani

I've been totally neglecting my blog these past couple months, I really do need to keep up I'm still keeping up  with my nails and taking pictures most of the time. Just when it comes down to it to actually edit my pics and post them I have been majorly slacking. Anyway enough about that, here is my first Valentine's mani of the year.

Zoya- Storm (black)
Zoya- Renee (pinkish red) Also on a side note I only bought for the name since thats my middle name but really love the color. 
Urban Outfitters- Pink Holo 
All topped with Seche Vite 

Stamping colors are the same as the base colors with the exception of the lips I used Sally Hansen Chrome nail Makeup in Tourmaline Chrome, omg I love these ones I have like 4 of these Chrome nail makeups, I've had them for like 8 or 10 years, something crazy like that and they are just so awesome at stamping I'm going to seriously cry when they are empty. Oh well for now I have them and will continue to love them. 

This is just a design I came up with after failed half moon using Chine Glaze Grape Juice, so pretty but not the best formula. 

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