February 1, 2012

Neon Leopards I know they are out there....

So I had a 'great' idea to do a gradient with some neon colors, well the idea seems like a good one. But well I neglected to think about how fast neons dry, and well they dry even faster when your trying to sponge them on. Then when I was adding more color on it kept picking it back up, ugh kind of a pain to deal with. But I just kept on going I wanted a neon gradient dammit... So in the end I went over all colors like 3 times to get it looking like I wanted.

Base Coat
2 Coats- Spoiled by Wet N Wild- Correction Tape
Base to tip- 
Dare Polish in 
Plum Up
Blueberry Bright
Cotton Candy
Apply Tart

Rhinestones from ebay, although I really don't love the rhinestones I placed them within the middle of the leopard spots, but it just didn't work like I thought it would. 
Also the polish that I used: Dare, I don't know much about I tried googling the brand to find out more but no luck. I have only seen them at walmart in packs  4, I also tried looking on to at least find a listing to link her but it doesn't look like they sell them online, I only have the one set I got it for chrismas this year. The set is called Sugar Rush I used all colors in the collection for this mani. 

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