April 17, 2012

ASBMF- Glitter Sammy

I really like the look of the glitter sammy but I've only done it once before seen here, then I used neon polishes, But this time I went for the jelly polish. I don't have many jelly polishes, well it's probably more like I really bad at distinguishing when a polish is a jelly.

Anyway enough about that, on to todays mani...

 This polish is a pain to photograph, it's not that you need to get a color accurate photo, but it looks different in different lighting. It is definitely a blue- toned purple and bright. Even though in the bottle it looks like it'd be super dark. Remind's me of Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl in that sense, I actually thought it might of been closer in color but Daddy's Girl is not as bright and just a darker purple. 

Used: Base coat 
2 Coats Spoiled by Weyt N Wild- Checkin' into Rehab (my bf says I need to for my polish addiction... Ha Good luck with that one Mister) 
one coat of each- Spoiled by Wet N Wild- Jewelry Heist
KleanColor- Chunky Silver 
Then topped with another generous coat of Checkin' Into Rehab 
All topped with Seche Vite 

Next on the list is April Showers... Hmmm dunno what I'm gonna do yet. 

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