April 5, 2012

White Roses...

Here is a mani I wore about a week ago, I really loved it. This was my first try to free- hand roses they came out really well, yay... lol yes I get excited when I try something new and it actually works, what can I say?
Anyway on to the pretty-ness

Base coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hard as Wraps
Base color: Nina Ultra Pro- Ink-Ling (seen here, I really like this color, can you tell?)
Roses: Grey: Zoya- Dove
White: Spoiled by Wet N Wild- Correction Tape
Green: Milani green striper (sorry don't remember the name at the moment) 
all topped with Seche Vite 

So what do you think? Let me know I love all the comments I get. Makes me happy to see people actually read what I write, Even if I am sporadic at posting. 
 Don't mind the tip- wear this was after wearing for a couple of days, I actually wore this for four days when it chipped and I just can't stand a chipped mani. So off it came...


  1. Very pretty roses, nice job!! I really like your ring in the last pic, too :)

  2. cutte roses ! love it


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