February 8, 2012

Zoya Jem

I actually wore this a few days ago, This was my first Valentine's Mani. Jem is one of the polishes I ordered when Zoya ran their 2 free promo. I really love the color, I did have major tip wear right away. Could have been from using Seche Vite with it I have heard Zoya's do not go well with Seche Vite but I used it anyway. I'll have to try this polish with a different top coat and see if it wears better. Anyway enough talking about the polish here are the pictures...

Base coat of Sally Hansen hard as nails 
2 coats Zoya- Jem
Topped with Seceh Vite 

Stamping colors: 
Sally Hansen- Pink Satin 
Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes
NYC- Royal Foil
Spoiled by Wet N Wild- Correction Tape

Images are from Bundle monster and MASH sets


  1. Love love love this!

    I tagged you for the Cute Blog Award.

  2. @Ashley thank you so much, I was so unsure of even posting my pics I didn't think they looks good an the lighting was off or something. But after your comment makes me feel better.

    Thanks for the award I'll have to post it up soon


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