May 22, 2012

ASBMF- Glitter Tips

So when I think glitter tips, I think sponging on a gradient so of course that's what I went with. Nothing too fancy just a little fun. On to the pictures...

Base Coat
Essence- You belong to Me (Blue) 2 coats
Sally Hansen- Coral Reef  (Pink) 2 coats
and for the glitter I used
Nyc- Big City Dazzle 

I really Enjoyed wearing this mani, both colors wore amazingly well I actually wore this for 4 or 5 days, I don't quite remember but I wore it way longer than I usually do. I just did not have any time to change it. Ugh hate when that happens but love when my mani holds up, Yay! 

 I just love having a sort of reverse accent nail. Lol no idea what to call it actually. Where you wear a main color on each hand but switch the accent nail to other color on either hand. 
If that made any sense anyway, you get the idea right? lol. Ok going to quit rambling now.... Enjoy.... 

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