May 23, 2012

ASBMF- Matte Magic

For this mani I wasn't sure if I wanted just matte or shiny/ matte. I'm still on the fence about matte polish and the matte look. I'm just love the shiny look, and matte feels funny to me, yes I know I sound like a 5 year old when I says "it feels funny". That's ok with me, besides anyone that has worn matte polish will know the "feel" I"m talking about, it's odd. All in all I'm just not sure. Ive actually never worn a "matte" polish just the matte top coats. I think it's more because I would feel weird not applying a top coat, also I"ve heard that most matter polishes are a pain to work with and chip very quickly, no idea if that's true or not though. In my mind I just ask myself why would I want my nails to not be shiny? Lol,, then proceed with my super shiny Seche Vite. What can I say the stuffs awesome.

Anyway what was I saying... oh yes I was deciding between just matter and matte/ shiny. At first I stuck with just matte, then the next morning I used some craft scissors with a squiggly (totally technical work BTW) edge to cut some tape. Let me tell you cutting tape with those scissors is not easy, they just do not want to cut, ugh. But finally I did get enough strips for all my nails. Then place tape on nail, paint shiny Seche Vite, pull up tape. That's it. Ok enough talk on to the pictures.

 See the squiggly line in the middle of each nail... Hopefully anyway maybe not on the accent nail, it's there but hard to see. I think this would of worked better on a darker base, but oh well this is what I was working with. 

Base coat
Orly- Faint at heart (grey)
Ulta- Indigo-Go Girl (glitter over grey)

Accent nail 
Ulta- Maine Attraction (teal) 
China Glaze- Lorelei's Tiara (glitter over Teal) 

Below are base colors before glitter with flash... 
ignore those dry hands please

 See the weird bump on my pointer finger... Dunno what happened luckily by the time I was done it disappeared.

Now on to the rest... first 4 in artificial light, last 4 in natural indirect sunlight. 

 The last pics were taken a few days after applying, So I think my matter was turning kinda shiny. Kills the effect, but enjoy the colors 

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