May 19, 2012

ASBMF- Ombre

I had never actually attempted the ombre mani before this, I was trying to figure out what color to use I thought orange would be good, but when I got together some orange polishes I didn't like how they looked together. So I went for a different take on the ombre look, I pulled up a color wheel to look at and chose the Yellow to green section to re-create. Which would be Yellow, Yellow- Green, and Green. Once I picked whats colors I wanted I had to pick polishes to match the color. Now that was an annoying task, I must of looked at 5 different yellows and like 10 greens, I guess when you have so many polishes you bring this on yourself. But I don't mind I actually kind of enjoy looking through all my babies trying to find the right color, All the while picturing certain ones in my head to match up then pulling it out and it not quite being what i seen in my head. lol yea it's a process but like I said I enjoy it.

ok enough talk on to my pictures,

 Fogive the slight mess around my cuticles, I hadn't fully cleaned up when I took the photos. 

Revlon- Sunshine Sparkle
Sinful Colors- Innocent
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Going Green 
In order from base color to tip on the accent nail. 

I used this design from NailSide she calls them clouds. This was my first time trying this technique which is really simple actually. I definitely need some practice though. But I was happy with this.  
My Favorite nail all the parts of the cloud came out almost perfectly round. 
Which I was happy about, but both fingers on my left hand came out better than my right hand, but I'm a lefty how the hell did that happen, I suppose I'm more careful with my right hand lol, who knows. 


  1. This looks awesome! I love the cloud accents =]

  2. love this! make me want to drink a 7-Up!

    1. lol now that you mention it does remind me of 7-up


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