September 7, 2011

Flying Dragon (NEON)- ish

This color is so pretty, and the glitter just makes it something I needed. Well maybe not needed, but last time I went to Sally's I had a 15% off and china glaze was on sale so when I was looking through for one I wanted I saw it and said I wanted it.

So this color is a bit weird, in the title I said neon-ish, well because if it didn't say neon on the bottle I really wouldn't this it was. Except for the fact it dries like a neon does, that weird semi matte look.  Now I know that neons usually have really fast dry time, well this one was a huge pain, it started to dry while I was appyling it, and then kind of glopped there but once I put three layers on and a reg top coat and one good coat of seche vite it was good to go.

This is indirect sunlight, true to color.

Used: base coat
3 coats China Glaze Flying dragon
1 coat Revlon multi base/top coat
and 1 coat seche vite on top. 
The orther pics are indoors first two with flash and the last one without to show what this looks like most of the time inside.

All in all i really like this color and despite it being weird, and hard to apply will wear it again


  1. i just bought this color and can't wait to try it!! its gorgeous!! i was really confused on the "neon" part too LOL

  2. yea me too but it ends up looking so pretty so i just kind of ignore the neon part of the name lol


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