September 29, 2011

Out of This World with a Little Chic

Here is a combination that doesn't look awful but also doesn't quite meet the bar either. For being a quick mani that I just wanted to put on when I didn't have alot of time it works.
Used: base coat
3 coats of Sinful colors- Out of this world 
 accent nail 3 coats of Ulta- Chic Peek
topped with wet n wild clear coat,
and a coat of Seche Vite.
 First off I did not expect OFTW (Out of this World) to be so sheer. It's not your typical silver polish. And not really a color I would normally wear. But I though it was pretty, and I do really like it but I'm thinking it would make a better layering polish.

For most of my nails this went on pretty smooth and dried fast. But as you can see my middle finger on my right hand it bubbled, or something, I did notice that with the first coat but I was thinking it would just level out and look fine when I was done.

Of couse you can see that did not happen, but likeI said this was a quick mani so I didn't have time to change it right away.

In this picture it looks like there are bald spots on my accent nail, there wasn't the any bald spots that was because of my camera's flash. For some reason it causes some colors to look weird like that.  IRL Chic Peek covered really well. 
 As you can see there is a little gash on this accent nail =/ I hit it right after applying my top coat. But I had to show you this hand since there was no weird bubble mess. See much better.
Ah-hem please excuse the bald-look to the accent nail as well, damn flash caused it again.

All in all I did like these two colors, But maybe next time not together. I dunno why but they just don't really belong together. What do you think? And what colors would of been better? With either one?


  1. the accent nail would have been better with gold or best, copper, I think, and the silver needs either a cool color or something outrageous, like lime green or neon pink- I have seen it with a deep, blood red and it's amazing! Good luck, I have many many not-so-fav manis in my past, and more in my future, I'm sure! BTW your pics are very nice!

  2. I like your ideas if I do this again will have to try it with somthing like that.

    Ha-ha yea I know can't win em all but I do have fun in the process.


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