September 3, 2011

Time to shine...

Recently I went in search for some decorative edge'd scissors to do some tape manis with. Found a four pack like this at my local walmart for only $5, the price kind of threw my boyfriend and I, since one pair of these scissors were like $7. Not sure if they were priced wrong or on sale or something. Didn't really matter to me I was just excited to find them and at such a reasonable price.  And then my oh so great boyfriend bought them for me, of course telling me I was spoiled the whole time... Oh well it's ok to be a little spoiled right.

Anyway back to the my mani, so this was actually my first attempt at a tape mani (literally using scotch tape, I've used stickers and such), I used the scissors with the Squiggle design (Yes that is a technical term hehe), at first I could not get the scissors to cut the tape cleanly. Well I should of known right away, but sometimes I forget how hard it is being left handed. Ok not really just using knives and scissors are a PITA sometimes. So after realizing this I grabbed the scissors with my right hand and cut the tape and what do you know it worked on the first try. Of course right.

My nails were already painted with Avon's Vamp it Up so I just taped my nails off and painted with Sally Hansen's Time to Shine. Let me tell you I am not a big fan of Gold anything like shoes, polishes, or especially jewelry ugh, but this color is soo pretty I think it's one of my new favs. Ok now on to the nails, the important stuff right. First three are of my left hand, last two are my right hand. Enjoy.

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