September 11, 2011

Red Black Carpet

So I am totally ready for it to be fall already, this past week we've had some colder days, but it usually gets hot in the afternoon or just stays in the 60's. Which is fine, But then the next day its blazing hot again, Ugh this New Mexico weather is so weird. I know its just me I am just dying for it to be Fall and/or Hoodie weather (another one of my obsessions I can't get enough of them) or more specifically Nov, or at least Halloween since my birthday is right around the corner from that. Yay I can't wait... Anyway enough of my complaining, on to the nails...

 I actually have another French Manicure for you I really like the look of them, and felt like another. But I did change it up a bit.
So for this I taped off about half my nail diagonally painted them with Sinful Colors Black on black, and sponged on Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet. So here it is...

 So as you can see when I pulled up the tape it lefts some trails of  black, but in person this was not nearly as obvious as in my pics. 
Despite that I still really like these.
Also please excuse the slight tip wear have been wearing these since Fri morning, and just got around to taking pics today. But they have held up really well, no chips or anything yet. I am probably going to take this off tomorrow but only because thats how I am and have to change every couple of days. 
 So both these colors were new to me, I picked up Sinfuls back on black awhile ago but never got around to really wearing it, I think I have found my new black complete opaque in two coats, not like most others that take three coats at least sometimes four. 
And Red Carpet is one I saw on a blog a few weeks ago, But only just bought recently, And I love it, I just sponged on a bit on the tips of my nails to add some pretty sparkle. 

base coat
2 coats Sinful Colors black on black
Sally Hansen xtreme wear in Red Carpet sponged on
Seche Vite topcoat.

These pics were all indoors with flash, and heres one without flash to show what this looks like most of the time indoors.

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