September 17, 2011

Newspaper Nails...

This was my first try at newspaper nails, When I first saw this design I wasn't even sure if liked the look of it. So after seeing some more pics I decided to try it. But most I saw were on a grey background (I know to look more like the newspaper) but who says a newspaper is always grey. I know for a fact they aren't all grey so I went with pink, a very light pink.... Yes there are even pink newspapers.

So I went and found a torturial, I settled on CutePolish's for comic strip nails seen here. I roughly followed this. Instead of just dipping the paper into the rubbing alcohol, I let it sit in there for a few seconds then took it out and placed on the nail. Then held it there until the paper was dry and pulled it up. And Voila La there you have it.

Well sort of only some of the image transferred really well. Thats ok I'm still happy with them, being my first try and all... So here is the comic I used:

Baby Blues is one of my favorites, I don't remember the name of the little girl, But I only used her on my nails. Used the 4 in the comic and then used regular print for the rest of my nails. And on to the pictures...

base coat
2 coats Sinful colors Easy Going
regular top coat (non fast-dry)
and then Seche Vite m
 My left hand ring finger is my favorite nail. Followed by the middle finger on same hand.

And here is my Right hand, See some images didn't transfer so well. The texts ones did transfer fairly well, But the comics didn't.. Sadly they can barely be seen.

When I first thought to do this I had wanted to make it Matte, But when I went to do my nails I forgot I wanted to, So today I added China Glaze Matte top coat and I actually like it a lot better. Well are newspapers shiny? So why should newspaper nails be? And here it is


  1. Lol so do I, Only wish I woulda remembered to matte it first off. Whenever I do newspaper nails i will have to matte them.

  2. these look super cool, I have been wanting to do these for a while, I saw a tutorial on youtube but never get around to it!!!


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