October 14, 2011

Glitter Sam-mich!

My first try at it actually. And I have to say that I loved this look. It's so different but subtle on the nail. I'm not sure, but isn't this usually done using a "jelly" polish? I know I probably have some, but not sure how to tell the different, and/ or too lazy to go through all my polish to check which ones were Jellys. So I figured that a neon would work great. So I pulled out my Heaven polishes, I only have two but love these colors they are so pretty.

I took pictures of each step so here they are. And then of course some pretty pictures after topcoat. So pls excuse the mess on some of the in-process pics. I did not clean up in between each step.

 On my right hand I painted Heaven- Marine Blue with an accent nail of Heaven- Dream, and of the left hand I reversed it. 

Oohhh look at that pretty semi-matte finish, just like all neons.

2 coats of Heaven nail lacquer- Marine Blue & Dream
1 coat Pure Ice- Cheatin
then one coat Sally Hansen Xtreme wear- In the Spotlight
And on top of all that a super thin coat of either Marine Blue or Dream. 

HaHa I have no idea how I got so much polish all over my Pinkie on my left hand. I actually don't remember it being that bad but pictures don't really lie. Hehe oops oh well nothing to be done about it now. 
I so loved that I had a glitter with both blue and purple glitter only, it went with my colors so well. 
Now right before I put the last layer of color on i t did pain me a little bit to cover In the Spotlight... Just look at bottle and all the pretty rainbow sparkle, but I did cover it this is a Glitter sam-mich after all, and can't have that if I don't cover the glitter.

Ok so here's the pretty pictures of the finished Sam-mich....


  1. Thanks, the blue is one of my favorite colors, this was actually the first time I wore the purple, but its soo pretty too... I may have to add more Heaven polishes to my collection


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