October 17, 2011

Had to add something...

What can I say, I just can't leave well enough alone sometimes. After staring at Tidal Wave for a day, I wanted to add something on top... Stamping, Glitter, Crackle, something to spice it up a bit.

This is what I ended up with:

 Yup I settled on adding crackle to tidal wave. I had first thought to use black crackle, but my BF thought the purple would look better ...
I probably should of done an accent nail in black, to compare but oh well I'm happy with just the purple. I love how it changes the whole look of Tidal Wave 

The only problem I had was the crackle caused bad shrinkage then adding Seche Vite on top of that cause more shrinkage... 
If anyone noticed my nails are shorter today, Because of the weird shrinkage I filed them down a bit to hide the uglyness , Yes I file when I have polish on it works for me. 

what you see is one thick coat of China Glaze- Fault Line 
and another coat of Seche Vite 

I'll probably wear this through today and change tomorrow morning... 
Now to figure out what I'll be using... next on the challenge is My Least Fav polish... 
hmmm wasn't there some reason I dont wear that polish??? 
I honestly have no idea what I'm going to use, I have a bunch of polishes that are not my fav or a Pain to apply, well I'll have to look through and see what I want to use. Till then... 


  1. pretty combo! Thanks for joining my Link Party!

  2. Love these colors together! :D Really cute blog too - new follower! <3

  3. @ Jbrobeck Thanks so much... and thank you for having it.

    @ I drink nail polish- Aww thanks you just made me smile.. and I love new followers YAY

  4. I love the colors you chose, it's very peacock-y :) I really like the length of your nails btw!


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