October 16, 2011

Oh The Horror....

Beware below are some graphic pictures of BARE slightly yellowed nails...

One day last week I had some major chipping on my mani and just had enough time to take off my polish, So I decided to take pictures and share my not so pretty nails with you all...  (also there is more to this post than just ugly yellow nails... just keep reading or scroll down and skip the icky pictures...)

I actually had to wear them like this for a whole evening until the next morning when I could re-paint my nails. Yes I know this wouldn't be bad for most people but not me (and if your reading this, then probably you too) In the past ten years or so I actually never had bare nails, With just a few exceptions and that was only in the past year and a half or so... and even then only a handful of times for a couple days at most.

So anyway point is I never leave them bare, you get the point right. And with further ado here they are:

 So this is my poor little nails all naked and exposed....
 Applied a base coat for a bit of shine I had to at least have some shine right. 

Today I started the 30 Days of Polish Challenge which was written Erin at The Sugar Cube, Now the image I have below was made by Joy at Okay Now Joy, I love how she made it to match her blog background, I first saw this posted in PaA and thought it would be fun and interesting. 

The only thing is I am not going to change everyday, I'm going to change every 2 to 3 days and post then. So it's more of a 30 polish Challenge, this will make my challenge last a lot longer but I'm excited to see what I come up with. 

For the first day it is "you favorite polish", I actually already did this buuutttt missed the sunlight, so taking pics did not work, I tried but flash totally changed the color of my polish, and there isn't any decent lighting in my house for nail pics. So tomorrow morning I will take some pics in natural sunlight and post sometime tomorrow. 

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