October 19, 2011

Polish # 2- My Least Favorite

  I'm sure there are a ton of polishes in my collection that I don't really like or just keep around for no reason other than I can't let them go. But this polish I love the color just hate the polish. I know I'm not the only who has this problem, I have actually heard good things are this particular one, but I guess I'm kinda picky because I hate it. Like I said love the color but not this polish its awful. Below is 3 very careful coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On,

Base coat
3 coats White on
wet n wild clear coat 
topped with Seche Vite 

Now I know this is not the best application, I took my time with each coat carefully trying to get just enough polish on the brush, not too much not too little.
The first coat went on typically un-even and a lot of bald spots.
Second coat appiled will enough but did not cover all bald spots.
So I applied the third coat much thinner than the first two and again tried to be super careful. 

Still the polish did pool at my cuticles, just a little bit but Still UGH!  Like I said  I do love whit polish, just not this one. I only use it for dots or stamping sometimes. Otherwise it just sits there un-used, I just dont like it needing 3 coats, It doesn't dry all that fast either to me seemed like drying time was longer than normal. Maybe not it could just be me being picky. Like I said before I have heard good things about this polish, and I will admit it does look pretty after it dries and all that. Even with the pooling it looks good IRL, my photos just emphasize the flaws in application.   

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