October 4, 2011

Very Uncooperative Scrolls...

... And a bit of smearing ugh I hate when that happens.

So when I started this mani I had plenty of time to finish and make it perfect, Well the painting started out well Used two coats of each color. Then came time to start stamping and I was excited to try this image, I thought it was the perfect image. I was looking for something kind of scroll like or swirly.

Well boy was I wrong, this was a huge pain. I had to keep trying to get it right, every time it would pick up partial image and so I had to try again. Also I am not one to clean the plate in- between stamps only if I change the color, Well every time I only got half an image I had to clean it and try again. But I never gave up this whole process took awhile but finally I got a decent transfer on each of my nails.

Now when I usually stamp I dont have any smearing this was not my day for stamping I suppose, But since it took forever to get the image to work well enough when I saw the smearing there was no way I was going to re-do all my nails (not quite all but most had smears) I was already so frustrated with this mani, so I just left the like this for a few days.

Ok now to see my not so pretty nails:

Base Coat
the coral/pink is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Caribbean Coral
the blue/teal is Finger Paints in To-Teally-Chic 
the dark purple is Ulta in Devious 

Stamping colors are black- Wet N Wild black creme
and Silver- Pure Ice Silver Mecedes
With Bundle Monster plate 201

So was this just me or has anyone had problems with this image. Either way it was a PITA so get a decent transfer and I probably wont be using the image again.

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  1. I think there's a M.A.S.H. plate like that but mine works if I remember correctly. I only have the old set of BM plates and I have serious trouble trying to get those images to transfer.


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