November 18, 2011

Birthday Nails...

My birthday is actually today Yay...I love birthdays I always will they are fun and I wait for this day to come around all year long.
Unfortunately I  do have to work today a long shift at the end of the day ugh! Oh well... So We celebrated yesterday, had a fun day all i was told was to be ready at 8:30 (ah hem i was trying... but wasn't actually ready till 9 heheh) My boyfriend wouldn't tell me anything and even forbid me to ask questions grrr...

All was good until we almost Died! Ok well we didn't almost die... We were coming down from the top of the Sadia mountain and hit a patch of ice the wrong way. Skid and ended up in some branches. We are both fine, Just scared the crap outta me The poor car is fine just some bumper damage, oh and of course we had to sit there for like two and a half hours waiting... First for the park ranger then the sheriff then for the tow truck to get there. It was cold we had no cell signal and just kinda sat there for what seemed like forever. We finally got on our way and by then it was almost time for dinner.

Which was at one of my favorite places. It's an Italian place called Zio's Italian Kitchen. It's really good, if your near one should deff try it out. ok ok on to the nail because I'm running out of time, this was supposed to be a quick post haha mine never are.

 This polish is just so pretty I have had it for years and have only worn it twice maybe 3 times. For fear the bottle will be empty one day I suppose.

Also these pictures do not do it justice. As with all Holo's they are a ton prettier IRL But you ge the idea with my pics. And just look at the bottle!

Base coat
Base color: Sinful colors- slate w/ 1 coat Sally Hansen Prisms in Diamond
accent nail: Base color Ulta- Devious with 2 coats Sally Hansen Prisms in Pink Rose Diamond (it was supposed to show more purple but the holo took over the color.) 
stamping in either Ulta- Devious or Wet N wild- French White creme.  
I have loved these polishes since I first saw them with my Older Sister. I went to her house when I was about 6 or 7 yrs old, She had Pink rose Diamond and I used it for a mani, and just could not stop looking at my nails. 
After thatI knew I needed some, I never did get any until about 4 years ago, I found these is bags with 9 or 10 polishes in each for $4.99 at a discound grocery store. And I bought as many as I could. 
 Enjoy the Prettiness I know I am... Still can't stop looking at these soo pretty. 


  1. I absolutely love these! Are these colors still available anywhere? i love the holo.

  2. Thanks, unfortunately these have been discontinued for a long time now. However there have been sets popping up at ross stores for 5.99, if you are near a ross I would try looking there.
    Also there are a bunch of these old Nail Prisms on ebay and amazon


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