November 3, 2011

Polish #4- A polish that is "So Me"

On a non-polish related note, I am super excited it is Nov. it's my birthday month Yay, yes I'm one of those people that say I get a whole month. Then thanksgiving which is awesome. And I know that Christmas stuff is popping up EVERYWHERE already, But I refuse to acknowledge any of it until after my birthday and my brother birthday (which is 5 days after mine), I just hate how they try to shove it in our face and like no one has anything else going on in Nov or Dec beside Christmas, so I will not be doing any Christmas manis until Dec 1st.

I always countdown from Nov 1st til my birthday, It's on Nov 18 Yay and I'm going to be 22.
So 15 days left... I cannot believe how fast this year has gone, But oh well it's here and I"m just going to embrace it. Now on to what you actually came here to read...

At first I was not sure what to wear, but after telling my Bf what this polish was supposed to be he looked at me and said well Teal of course. So apparently this was not a hard polish to choose, maybe I am over thinking things. Who knows...

On to my pics, these were taken in direct sunlight, which made the color look a little washed out UGH but IRL it was not washed out at all. Without futher ado here they are...
Base coat
2 coats of Sinful Colors- Savage 
2 coats of Sinful Colors- Nail Junkie
Stamping colors- 
Color Club- Hot like lava
& Sinful Colors- Black on black
BM plate- 203
 So I attempted to double stamp on each nail, My right hand came out pretty well but my left hand didn't fair too well. 
Makes sense I suppose I am left handed so of course I could place it better with my left hand. 
It was all good though I liked both hands it looked pretty. 
I think I only had like a tiny chip when I finally removed this. And that was totally due to me "using my nails as tools" Yes I know bad bad me, at least it didn't break my nail at all. 


  1. I love nail junkie. Came out great. All the colors work well together.

  2. @ courntney- Thanks I enjoyed wearing it.

    @ let's polish some nails- thank you


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