November 8, 2011

Polish #5- A polish that reminds you of a special day

 I seriously had no idea what to wear for this day, So after thinking about it for awhile I decided to re-create a mani I wore Last Nov. When we went to Phoenix for the Nascar Race. It was so much fun. This really wasn't "a special" day but oh well, And this was my birthday present from my Mom and her Bf, last year. Being in the car for 8 or 9 hours as not the best with me and my boyfriend in the back and my mom and her Bf, and them blaring Josh Turner ugh there is only so much I can take of Josh Turner. But when we got there we had a blast. ok on to the nails,

I actually did not have an accent nail the first time but I wanted something a little different. 
2 coats Sally Hansen- Blue me away
1 coat Pure Ice- Strapless
Accent- Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink 
1 thick coat of Seche Vite to top it off.

And here is me being goofy right before going heading to the race. But if you look at my left hand you can see the blue nails. Best picture I had lol all the others you cant see my nails at all. 

 And just some more pics 

Haha don't you just love the water bottle? It was all I had to hold at the moment, But look at that shine...
 Please ignore the awful tip wear, Which is not actually tip wear but Seche being a butthead. I shruck the hell out of these glitters. On another note I  have been trying to wrap my tips the last couple manis (yes I am super behind in posting soo sorry, Seeing as this mani is #4 and I'm currently wearing # 8 I think ugh I will catch up eventually) 
Any about the wrapping of the tips yes I've been trying it and omg I love it so much better work like a charm, the first time I did I just could not stop staring at my non shrinked (word?) nails, it was just soo pretty. 

Ok gonna stop rambling now enjoy until next time which I hope will be sooner rather than later. 

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