November 20, 2011

Polish # 7- A polish you wear often

Just a quick post for now at the moment I'm still wearing my Birthday Nails, But I do have something to show you. So this color was hard to choose for me. Lately I don't wear the same polish for months at a time, but I have worn this color multiple times since I bought it. So on to the nails...

2 Coats Orly- Naughty on all nails
Accent: Color Club- Sugar Plum Fairy (I believe) Naughty sort of took over the color, and I put them away before I realized that. 
All topped with Seche Vite 

 Blurred to see the colors it flashes...


  1. I love that you add an accent color. it makes your nails stand out more :)

  2. Thank you, I love doing accent nails it just makes it look so different.
    I have noticed that when I add an accent nail more people seem to think I had my nails done, I guess because they like to put designs on one nail in salons. Whatever but it is fun to see people's reactions when I tell then I did my own nails. And they always say that I must have so much patience. eh I don't really It relaxes me doing my nails


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