July 20, 2012

Black Satin + Flackies

 I've been gone a little while. The day after my last post my Grandmother or "Grams" as we all called her passed away. I still cannot believe she is gone. I really don't know what else to say, she was there for us when we needed her, and I will always miss her. I love you Grams

We don't live close, it's a 16 hour drive to Ca where she lived. So we got our stuff together and headed out to see family and remember her. Since coming home I just didn't want to think about any of it. And honestly didn't know what to say. So here I am writing a short post that is taking me what seems like forever. Because nothing I type seems right, so I'm just going to leave you with this, and some pictures that I took over a week ago.

Base Coat
Rimmel- Black Satin (I love this black) 2 coats
Finger Paints- Twisted 1 coat
Topped with Seche Vite 

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