July 1, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: #5- Blue

For todays color I wasn't sure what blue to pick, I have so many favorites. I went with a polish that I actually has been a favorite for a couple years now. Maybe a bit longer, I even have two bottles since the first one has been used quite a bit. 

Base Coat
Sally Hansen- Blue Me Away 2 coats
Accent Nail- Orly- Mysterious Curse 2 coats
All topped with Seche Vite 

I have used Blue me away on here a couple times herehere and here. The last link was my Half Moon mani, when I finished this I thought it looked familiar, Although not the same colors or same at all really. Mysterious Curse is similar to Essence- Blue Ray, Or at least look similar when paired with the same color.  Surprisingly even though I've shown Blue Me Away a few times, none of them has been alone like I'm wearing now. Eh better late then never.  

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  1. Mysterious Curse looks very cool as an accent, and very cool with the other blue you've chosen.

  2. Wow that accent nail is gorgeous!


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