July 9, 2012

Non- Zebra

I had wanted to do animal print nails, and had actually want them to be like the actual animal well the idea was good, but didn't last long, I soon wanted something bright and different haha. 

Base Coat
Sally Hansen- Fairy Teal 1 coat
China Glaze- Watermelon Rind 1 coat
Milani- Blue Lightening Sponged on 
Finger Paints-  Motley 1 coat
Stamped Using- BM-223
In Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes

I see now that I should done more a peacock theme stamp since my colors were already there. But of course I didn't really see that until after I had stamped eh oh well still looks nice this way. 

I was super excited to see that Fairy Teal is the perfect base color for Watermelon Rind, I love the color but hate that it's sheer and needs multiple coats for full opacity, I'm really terrible hate doing more than 2 coats 3 is usually my limit. Sheer polishes are just awful I usually don't have patience for them. So am always looking for good layering colors. 

Also not nail related in any way, went to Zoo Music  on Friday, which is super fun anyway walking around the zoo in the evening is really fun. They always have peacocks walking around and that night the male seemed to be chowing off. All open and just beautiful, I had to take some pictures... 

Definitely click to zoom to see all detail.


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