July 26, 2012

Another Accent nail mani...

But not in the usual way. I really love the ring finger accent nail, but for this mani I did it a little different. I saw someone do this a few weeks ago and thought why not. My accent nails are the pointer and middle finger. Nothing fancy but I like the way it came out. Onto the pictures...

Base coat- Palladio- Nail Strengthener
Sinful Colors- Ciao Bella (Blue)
Kissy (Teal) both 3 coats
All topped with Seche Vite 

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post these right away. Seeing as what happened with the Pamphlet from Sinful Colors and all, but seeing that Revlon (who owns sinful colors), has apologized for this, and have said they are putting measures in to prevent this from happening again. Also they are supposed to be contacting the bloggers to rectify the situation, I haven't heard from the bloggers yet but that will take time i'm sure. 

So for now the apology is a good start, honestly I did this mani before I knew what had been done. Don't know I would of used their products if I had known. But oh well I already did, they seem to be trying to make things right. 

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