August 9, 2012

Day 3- Yellow

Yellow, oh yellow how I hate thee. Well not really it's just most yellow polishes. They usually have terrible formulas. So I don't hardly ever wear yellow because of this. I do really like yellow just not yellow polish. When I went to find my yellow for today I wasn't really sure, I have more than a few yellow just none that I really like too much.
I finally settled when I looked in my Color Club drawer and spotted Almost Famous, then found my Daisy Does it. And oh might be pretty stamped on top of Almost Famous. Haha little did I know that Almost Famous would not dry and dragged like crazy. So after waiting awhile first coat, streaky and bald spots galore. No problem right? So second coat usually will even things out, oh was I wrong this is when it started dragging and just glopping on. It could be that my bottle needs to be thinned but by then I was frustrated. So I took it all off and started over. With what else then what I have sitting there, Daisy Does it.

I just reversed my original idea, Daisy does it applied well with thinner coats.

Please ignore the mess, I could of swore they were cleaner then this, I swear I cannot see all of this IRL. 

Base Coat
Color Club- Daisy Does It 3 coats
Stamped with 
Color Club- Almost Famous- Mash plate 43
Pure Ice- Kiss Me Here- Mash plate 35
All topped with Seche Vite

I wasn't so sure at first, but it's kind of growing on me. I love how subtle the yellow on yellow is. Sometimes it's hard to see then it's not. Then the little grey flowers on top of that...  Over-all I'm happy with how these turned out. 

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