August 20, 2011

Some new polishes and Beetle

So today I went to Ross, they had a ton of different polishes today usually they don't have much. I'll just have to keep looking there. What I picked up today way was a pack of Double Bubble scented polishes and a pack of Blush polish. Best part is they were only 3.99 each. I haven't used any scented polish since I was a kid and had been wanting to try some, I keep looking at the Revlon ones but haven't picked any up yet.

In the pack from left to right:WatermelonPink,  Lemonade, Sour Cherry, Apple, Original 
And another Pink Lemonade

I haven't tried them yet but I did open the bottles, they smell while wet, it is kind of strong too. Hope it's not too strong on the nails.
And what else I got was a 7 pack of mini Blush polishes I have never actually used/heard of Blush but they were pretty and cheap so I had too have them. 
The colors are not named but on the tag it says "7 pc Metallic" the pic is pretty true to color. from left to right:
darker pink, light pink,medium blue, this one at first glance looked like a dark brown but when looked in different angles is a dark purple with brown glitter, a light green, a maroon color, and a purple color.
There do not actually look metallic to me but I'll see when I try them. Ok enough of that and on to what I'm wearing today. I'm sorry but just could not capture this color. It's Hard Candy's Beetle which I love too look at but these pics don't show anything but the purple.

This Actually started with Wet n Wild black Creme I had planned on stamping with some mettalic on, the first nail I tried smeared and was messed up so I took it off re-painted it and instead used Beetle on top of the black. Beetle does not need any under wear to look good. It just happened that is what I decieded on. To See good pics of Beetle go here Loodie Loodie Loodie, she has some amazing info about nail care and some super pretty nails! 

What I used:
base coat
2 coats Wet n Wild Black creme
2 coats Beetle
and Seche Vite on top 

This is the only pic that showed a hint of one of the other colors, but what the heck is that just a weird spot of gold? After taking the pic I looked at my nails like where did that come from. Because it really does not look like that in real life.

Thanks for reading until next time...


  1. Oh i just got me a nail collection from Ross today too!

  2. hahaha thats cool what did you get? when i went they had a bunch of stuff but most of it i hadnt heard of so i didnt want to spend a bunch of money of stuff that might be crap


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