August 29, 2011

A Galaxy Far, Far Away....

HeHeHe I couldn't resist it...
For this weeks monday nail art challenge the theme was Galaxy nails, I had never tried it before so I thought I'd take a wack at it. I'll start with the polishes it used. I did this all mostly just sponging and just a little dotting.   I placed the bottle roughly in order I applied but honestly I did this on Friday night and just am not even sure the exact order anymore, there is just soo many.

I really like the way it turned out, only thing when I was outside in direct sunlight it sparkled like crazy and when I saw that I thought maybe I put too much glitter but as my Boyfriend said, Glitter is like Sprinkles you can't have too many/ much...

ok so from left to right we have:
Sinful colors- See you soon
Nina Ultra pro- Out of the blue
Sally Hansen HD- Laser
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear- wet Cement
Pure Ice- Oh Baby!
Wet N Wild Fastdry- Blue Wants to be a Milloinaire
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth- Pure White Tip
Wet N Wild fastdry- Silvivor
Wet N Wild Wild Shine- Blue Moon
Sinful Colors- I love you
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Angel Wings
Pure Ice- Strapless
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Shooting Star
Wet N Wild Wild Shine- Hallucinate
And  Seche Vite
Thats 16 polishes including base and top coat, yes it was a process but not hard and fun to do.
 ok now the pics first indoors with flash: Left Hand (first 3)
Right Hand same lighting (Next 3)
And Last 2 are outside just there wasn't any sunight =( 

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