August 18, 2011

Welcome with Orly Anicent Jade

Hello all my name is Felicia, i am 21 years old i love many things among them is my problem with nail polish. Much as my title states I am a Nail polish Junkie, I really can't help it, as far as i can remember I have always loved painting my nails and buying polishes. Acutally there was a point when I was about 10 years old that my mom told me I could not buy anymore polish, of course I did what every laquerhead would of done I stuck it. LOL yes I bought them behind her back, what choice did i have,(sorry mom hehehe) and I only had about 20 to 30 polishes not many but she thought it was too much little did she know then.

Today I don't sneak my polish and it's not my mom anymore who says I have too many; it's my awsome boyfriend who thinks I have way too many, but my stash of about 300 is nothing compared to some people. And yes I told him that. But even though he thinks I couldn't possibly need more he still takes me to go look for whatever color I just have to have on that particular day.

Anyway so on to the stuff you've come here to see my first nail post heres what I used:
Orly- Ancient Jade
Orly- Shine on Crazy Diamond
Stamped w/- An unamed Hard Candy metallic pink foil color. (sorry have had this one forever was given to me buy my sister years ago)
topped with Seche Vite, also used beauty secrets moisturizing base coat

I really loved this these colors together, at first glance the glitter appears to only be a silver glitter, acutally it shines holo. 
Didn't realize until just now that half my pinkie is covered i did not mean to cover it just happend and I the pic so I'm using it anyway.

Close up of my thumb in focus to show all pretty glitter. 
I blurred this one to try to get all the pretty sparkles. 
All pics taken in doors with flash.
Just a last note hope you like my nails/ colors/ pics whatever, eventually I will post a list of my complete collection, if there is something posted anyone would like to see just leave a comment and I'll give it a try. 
Anyway thanks for coming to check out my blog, keep checking back will update frequently. 


Let me know what you think, Love all feedback... Please do not leave any links in the comments if there is something you think I'd like to see send me an email.

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