September 10, 2012

Frankening a Dupe

I had wanted to try to make a dupe for Butter London's The Black Knight for awhile now. Now I would of loved to just go out and buy the set last year. When I first saw swatches I knew I wanted it but of course I also knew it wasn't going to happen. I simply couldn't afford it. I figured I could franken a dupe like many others it didn't look too difficult, But I soon forgot all about that idea until yesterday. I remembered this post from Chalkboard Nails with two different recipes.

I did this a little different then those two. Actually I kind of combined the recipes.
What I used:
Sinful Colors Frenzy (poured out about 1/3 of the bottle)
Wet N Wild Sparked (only filling the bottle of frenzy until it was 3/4 full
Then added Pure Ice Black (sorry don't know the name the label fell off of my bottle a long time ago)
And the just shake it up until your arms just about fall off. Thats is your done.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. I have found another recipe to dupe The Black Knight, using Sally Hansen's Rockstar Pink, since it actually has all the same colored glitter in it as TBK. I have a bottle of this and actually a Wet N Wild one that is the same glitter Sorry not near it but its from the old Craze line they had. Just the glitter and add some black and thats it your done. I'll be trying this one soon.  Here is the post I found mentioning using this glitter.

Ok enough talk on to the pictures:

Base Coat of Elmer's Glue (no way was I going to try removing this normal)
My Fanken- 3 thick coats ( I haven't named this yet hmm I'll come up with something) 
Gealous- 1 coat
and Topped with Seche Vite 

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