June 5, 2012

Fashionista + Some Like it Haute

I knew I had to have Revon's Fashionista when I saw this picture on Pinterest, I have no idea whose it is. I tried to see where it was pinned from but just takes you to the picture. And without a watermark I'm not sure how to find it. So it anyone knows whose this picture is let me know I'd love to credit and see more of her swatches. I've seen others of this color and it was this one that made me need it.

Anyway on to my pictures, not as perfect but I still enjoyed wearing this.

Base Coat
Revlon- Fashionista 3 thin coats
Accent nail- China Glaze- Some Like it Haute 

Haha I didn't know that some like it haute was in a clear base, this was the first time using this, I bought a few of the 3D eye candy glitters at Sally's awhile ago when they were on clearance, thats actually how I usually get China Glaze unless it's one I really have to have. 

Not much to say about the polish, I don't use Revlon very often so maybe thats why but I really don't like the brush I don't really have a reason not too. Who knows I'm picky lol. Other than the brush it applied well. I did three thin coats but could of easily gotten away with two better coats. 

Also please excuse the mess I did this before having to go to work and just did not have time to clean up. 

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