June 25, 2012

Rainbow Favorites Challenge- #1 Red

In PaA in focebook, there are a bunch of us doing this Rainbow Favorites Challenge, Bec from Lacquer Dreams thought this up and put it all together. Everyday we post a new color, supposed to be our favorite of each. But well I don't think I actually have a favorite of any so I'll just stick with whats my current favorite.
In order will be starting with todays Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and ending with Pink. I might not post each day maybe every other day. But we'll see. Ok on to my pick for red...

Base Coat
China glaze- Velvet Bow 3 thin coats 
Ring fingers- China Glaze- Electrify over Velvet bow 
All topped with Seche Vite 

I had wanted Velvet bow as soon as I saw swatches of it around Oct last year. This color was part of the 2011 holiday collection. In Nov I ordered a bunch of China Glaze and Orly holiday polishes but somehow did not get this one. But luckily enough I picked it up in January when they marked them all down. 

I almost didn't post these, this was pretty much a fail but it was my own fault. I did this pretty quick then just an hour or maybe two later went swimming for a good couple of hours. Then jumped in the shower right after that. Well all that water made my nails all soft and weak. Before the end of the day I had three nails chip luckily no breaks just the polish chipped. I got a few pictures and sorry these aren't entirely color accurate, appears a bit darker then it really is. 

Check out the other's favorites: (you are here) 


  1. Well done! I love how dark this one looks, almost brownish, so different than anyone else's pick!

    1. thanks, thats part of the reason why I almost didn't post these.

  2. Love the glitter on your accent nail!

    1. Thanks, love that polish even have a back up

  3. This is such a great deep dark red, I love it. Great accent nail to it as well.

    1. Thanks like I said I really wanted this color, was so happy to get it.

  4. Great accent nail! And I love that your red is different from everyone else :D


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