June 21, 2012


So this will be a quick post, Mostly your just here to see some pictures to see how I improved my mani from here, ok without further ado here is it...

Yea I take lots of pictures so sue me, or ya know stop reading when You've seen enough... There was more I always weed through them but sometimes I just cant weed anymore so I just post all and other times I end up with two pictures and that't it. This day was not the bad picture day so you get them all... 

Base Coat
OPI- Get in the Expresson Lane & Just Spotted the Lizard (3 coats)
More Seche Vite

First I added another coat of each color to all nails, Then using a medium sized dotting tool I Added the flowers in the other color. Flowers were made by placing one Dot then five dots around that one. Then last dot in the middle of the base color of each nail.
It was quick and simple but I really liked wearing this. I think the simplicity really made it prettier, So what do you think? Did this make it better take away that "boring- ness" it had before. 


Let me know what you think, Love all feedback... Please do not leave any links in the comments if there is something you think I'd like to see send me an email.

Click any picture to make it bigger

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