June 1, 2012

ASBMF- Fresh Cut Lawns

Before I get into my Fresh Cut Lawns,
Just want to let everyone know I now have a facebook page for my little blog... Yay I've actually been wanting to make one for awhile now and just took the plunge yesterday, I have added the link to my page over here --->>> , so there isn't much on there s of yet, but I'll be getting there soon.

Also just a reminder I will be changing my URL in the next few days, if you don't follow my through Google Friend Connect, I have added the follow by email to the sidebar.

Ok on the nails...
For "fresh cut lawns" I had no idea what I wanted to do. Then I figured I would just go with a pretty green or something. Then I thought of just drawing some grass. A striper brush and a could of greens later this is what I came up with...

Notice the new Watermark...
Base Coat
Base colors of Sinful Colors- Cinderella (2-3 coats)with a gradient of Orly- Lucky Duck 
For the Grass- 
Milani striper in Green (Sorry can't remember the name)
China Glaze- Holly Day
for the Gold: Milani - Gold Striper (again sorry don't have the name) 

For the grass I just used the striper in an upward motion toward the cuticle. Put a little blob of the Milani green and Chine Glaze Holy day, then dipped the striper in both and went to town. Some nails are better than others, but all in all it turned out really pretty. I thought the gold would look pretty in the sun.

I really enjoyed wearing these, I had fun having people guess what it was supposed to be. Then seeing the reaction when I told them it's what it looks like. 

I suppose I have officially failed this challenge since it was supposed to be from April to May, oh well I'm going to finish this out it's been fun. 
Add caption

Haha took this after swimming, thought it looked cool under the water. The pics aren't all that clear but I like the effect of the water moving. 

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