June 23, 2012

ASBMF- Spring Design of Your Choice

Here is the Last post in the April Showers Bring May Flowers challenge, I may have been a little longer but I finished it yay. 

For my design I went with some neon gradients in all colors of the Color Club Electro Candy collection. With a little something on top... Onto the pictures 

Base Coat
Base Color- Ulta - Set The Nude
Gradient Color- 
Color Club- 
Electro Candy
Tangerine Scream
Volt of Light
What a Shock!
Pure Energy
Ultra Violet

Icing- Shredded
Savvy- Touch of Glitter

I started with a nude base color then just sponged on top of that. Using little pieces of make up sponge. 
after that I added a coat of Savvy- Touch of Glitter, A holo glitter 
And on top of that was Icing- Shredded. This polish is really awesome I love the look of the black shards all over. It was pretty easy to apply, the problems came when I was trying to get it to be smooth. I added 2 coats of top coat right away. Then the next day added more top coat, I had piece poking up at the corners of the shards. No matter how much top coat I added it would not cover it smoothly. So I eventually gave up and just left it bumpy, Even in the pictures you can see where it lays into the topcoat not under it. 

I do really like Shredded and will use it again, (I really want to make mint chip nails), Just not sure what to do to cover it completely. 

Pictures are pretty color accurate, the only color that looks a big different is Tangerine Scream, it looks more Coral than orange, but I think that has to do with the nude base not the camera. Since it looked that way in the sun and in every other lighting. 

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